Demo program

There’s no better way to get a feel for a bike than riding it on your local trails

The Yeti SB150, one of the many high-end demos we offer.

The Yeti SB150, one of the many high-end demos we offer.

Here at Trail Head Cyclery, we have a diverse demo program equipped with the latest bikes from Specialized, Yeti, Ibis, and Transition. We also have E-bikes and commuters for demo as well!

We understand how important it is to properly ride a bike before you invest in the bike of your dreams. This is why we’ve built our demo program to allow our customers to demo numerous bikes that earns them credit. We’ll apply up to $1000 in demo dollars towards the list price of a bike or frame with a value over $2500 and up to 12 months from the demo date.

Our demo program is also great if you’re visiting from out of town!

Trust Performance ‘The Message’ Demo

Trail Head Cyclery is the first of four bike shops in the entire U.S. to offer ‘The Message’ for demo. It’s more than just a demo, it’s a complete package and the ability to try this revolutionary fork on your own bike and on your home trails.

When you take out one of two Trust forks we have for demo, you have a chance to ride it for 5 days, the price includes the installation and proper set up of the fork on your bike, done by our professional mechanics. This is a great value considering it includes the fork, which is quite exclusive, and the labor involved. Or, you can try ‘The Message’ on one of our elite demo bikes for two days. It’s less expensive than renting the two individually and we’ll help set it up properly.

This is a very unique opportunity and we are thrilled to be among the few to have Trust Performance’s fork available for any one to try out.

To find out more about Trust Performance’s ‘The Message’, check out the link below:


reserve your demo online

The quickest and easiest way to get yourself on a demo is to use our online booking system. It’s as simple as picking dates, choosing your bike or fork, give us a little information, and you’re set to get out and shred! Be sure to read the important info below before you reserve.



Some important info:

  • We can provide flat pedals or clipless pedals, but it’s always best to bring your own.

  • All rentals are due back before closing, on the last day of the rental term. If you have a 1-day rental, it is due back that same day before we close.

  • While we encourage shredding, please be kind to our demo bikes so the next person can enjoy it just as much!

  • The same goes for weather… While it may be fun to ride in wet & rainy conditions, it’s harsh very harsh on bikes and usually requires a rebuild. If possible, schedule your demo for fair weather days, thank you!