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Lee McCormack and Trail Head Cyclery are teaming up these upcoming weekends to offer some amazing Ride Clinics for anyone out there that is looking to step up their riding game! We'll be co-hosting six, single day clinics with him: January 14th - 16th and January 21st - 23rd, 10am - 5pm

There's nothing quite like personal, small group lessons that focus on improving your riding technique, regardless of your skill level, and applying those lessons to your local trails. Lee McCormack is going to be offering classes that begin right here at Trail Head Cyclery with an insightful morning of focusing on bike handling techniques, being ready for anything on the trail, and covering bike fitment using the Riprow. After that, you’ll get to apply these newly learned techniques to the local trails in the area. This guided group ride features mellow climbs and excellent descents that allows participants to practice proper ride technique on sections of trail. It’s a relaxed program, but it provides an unforgettable experience and an invaluable insight into improving your riding. 

Whether you are an expert rider, or just someone starting out, one lesson with Lee will be a guaranteed eye opener. These lessons are the best investment you can make towards making sure you’re ready for anything on the trails, having more fun while riding, and shredding harder than ever before. It doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to ride clinics!

Lee has been focusing on developing bike handling techniques, methodology, and mentality for many years, he’s one of the few that thoroughly understands the science behind riding positions, bike geometry, bike handling, and applying that philosophy to any trail. He has published books, taught countless classes, and developed a fitness tool called the RipRow to help riders be stronger on and off the bike. Lee is an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to riding a bike properly and we’re stoked to team up with him to provide these ride clinics. 

There’s six dates to sign up for and more details in the Eventbrite link. Spots usually fill up pretty quickly so book yourself a class as soon as possible!