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The Specialized turbo Levo SL

The Power To Ride Faster, Further, And Have More Fun Doing It.





















Say hello to the biggest leap in mountain biking since the mountain bike

The Specialized Turbo Levo SL, it’s an all new bike from Specialized that blurs the lines between traditional trail bike and e-mtb, one ride on this bike and you’ll be completely rethinking how you ride a mountain bike. This is a superlight e-mtb with capability to double your pedaling power, extend the range of your rides, all while still handling like a nimble trail bike. This is an entirely new style of E-mtb, coming in as light as 38.25 pounds while still giving you the ride qualities of a Stumpjumper and the seamless ride experience that the Specialized Turbo Levo is known for. One ride on the Levo SL and you’ll understand the hype, it’s mountain biking on a whole new level.

The Levo SL has been ten years in the making and is one of the most innovative and refined mountain bikes ever created. It defies conventional wisdom and invites the rider to crush long rides, get rowdy on all your favorite trails, and keep a grin on your face from the start of your ride until the very last pedal stroke. We’re hard pressed to remember the last time a bike has been this much fun to ride.

Let’s dive into what makes this bike so incredible.















The Magic Behind The Levo SL

Where’s Specialized’s innovation really kicks in is with their own SL 1.1 motor and a fully integrated 320Wh battery tucked away in the downtube. The Levo SL is an engineering and artistic marvel, with its balanced proportions, slim motor profile, and its signature asymmetric frame design, one could almost mistake it for its analogue brother, the Specialized Stumpjumper. But don’t be mistaken, there’s a lot of power and range behind this bikes beautiful exterior. 240-watts or 35nm of power to be exact. That’s double the normal human output and with a battery that can double or triple your ride time. If you’re looking to earn your turns, you can get an incredible workout aboard the Turbo Levo SL. You'll just be riding a hell of a lot farther and faster, which technically speaking, is freaking brilliant.

Levo SL Motor and battery


The Turbo Levo SL is adaptable to your style of riding. Custom tune the Levo SL’s characteristics and power output through Specialized’s very own Mission Control App.

So whether you’re trying to go for a blisteringly fast couple of quick laps ride or make your ride an all day excursion, this bike can cater to your style of ride. The bike and the app can work harmoniously to automatically handle battery management, so you''ll always have power when you need it.

You can also throw a 160Wh Range Extender battery in your bottle cage that weighs 1kg, and boosts the Levo SL’s total battery capacity by 50% to 480Wh. Plenty of range for any trail in the Bay Area.


“The moment you ride a Levo SL, 

you realize how much more you can

 get out of your ride. It''s a serious 

work out, but you''re having so much more 

fun doing it and riding so much further 

than you thought was possible.”

- Lars Thomsen

(Owner & Levo Advocate)

Which Levo is right for me? The Turbo Levo or Levo SL?

Levo and Levo SL

The two models do indeed have some striking similarities and both provide an amazing ride. Both frames have 150mm of travel and roll on 29in wheels, there’s the obvious overlap between the two. However the difference comes in when it comes to the type of rider piloting them. Are you looking for maximum power and range for long days in the saddle? The Levo is still the obvious choice. The Levo has a lot more wind in its sails with a 410% assist (4x your power) and a 700Wh battery. It also features burlier components, all of which comes with a 9 pound penalty.

The Turbo Levo is like a Trophy Truck of E-mtb.

In comparison, the Levo SL is more like a Group B rally car. The Levo SL comes with lighter weight components to compliment the bike’s lightweight demeanor and is overall a more nimble and more agile bike while still giving you 2x your normal pedaling power. To put the weight into perspective, both the Levo SL’s motor and battery combined are lighter than the Levo’s motor alone. With the Levo SL, you’ll still have to give an conscious effort towards pedaling on the Levo SL, but trust us, you’ll be going a hell of a lot faster and further overall aboard this bike. If you already love your analog mountain bike, enjoy pedaling, sending gnarly trails, or often go for group rides, the Levo SL is calling your name.

Trail Head’s Final Word On The New Turbo Levo SL

"The Turbo Levo SL is the advent of a whole new chapter for mountain biking. We now have the power to ride further, ride faster, and have more fun on our rides because of innovation like this. It’s the pursuit of the unavoidable smile on the trail that has us reaching for this bike on every one of our rides now.

We know you’re going to love this bike as much as we do, and we know it’s going to give you an incredible ride experience. This bike and Trail Head Cyclery share the same mission, to help you have as much fun on the trail as you possibly can. Let’s go for a ride we’ll remember forever."

-Trail Head Cyclery

levo sl on trail

Trail Head Cyclery Is One Of The Top Turbo Levo Experts

Whether you’re eager to try the Levo SL, Levo, or Kenevo, or ready to step your riding game up and purchase one for yourself, Trail Head Cyclery has you covered. We’ve committed ourselves to being experts in all things Turbo Levo. Don’t get us wrong, we love and breath analog bikes, but we are 100% committed to the future of Turbo Levo.