Transition Bikes

Experts in Transition Since 2015

Based in Bellingham, Washington, Transition Bikes has been producing some of the best riding bikes in the game for a number of years. With mantras like “Engineered to party” and “Rider owned for life”, you know these guys don’t joke around or compromise when it comes to designing and riding bikes. The basis for Transition’s design philosophy is to create a bike that they personally would like to shred. A bike that is built to handle the wildest trails and biggest jumps, but also built to last, and most importantly, built to have fun on.


An amazing riding bike, made by shredders, for shredders.

The relatively young company combines their Giddy Up 2.0 suspension platform and their SBG geometry to create a natural and confidence inspiring feel on the trail that has become signature to Transition bikes. Their models seem to blend categories and defy what is normally possible on a bike of that travel or wheel size. Transition frames are made of high quality aluminum or carbon and have some brilliant engineering behind them. Transition has disrupted the bike industry with well designed bikes that come from a clever group of shredders who like to have a good time on and off the bike.


Giddy up 2.0 suspension platform

The GiddyUp 2.0 suspension platform laughs at rough terrain and adds another level playfulness to the trail. Designed to be active while climbing with a neutral and stable pedaling platform, Transitions cruise up the hill with just as much ease as they descends back down them. GiddyUp 2.0 is extremely easy to setup and it provides excellent support throughout the entire stroke of the shock so you can use all your travel without worrying about bottom out. When you hop on a transition, you feel right at home and can get straight to shredding in no time.


Speed balanced geometry (SBG)

Transition bikes have pioneered a new wave in mountain bike geometry with their Speed Balanced Geometry (SBG) which allows the rider feel completely in sync with their bike and ride the gnarliest terrain with ease. At the heart of SBG, we have increased reach, a slacker head tube angle, a shorter stem, steeper seat tube angle, and reduced fork offset. The combination of all these factors creates an incredibly well balanced bike that allows the rider to feel more in-tune with their bike and the trail. It’s all about getting the rider in the perfect position to attack the trail.

Why Do we Carry Transition Bikes?

Transition was a natural fit for Trail Head Cyclery…

Their bikes ride great, are well designed, and originate from a small group of passionate riders. They’re all about having fun, dismissing the status quo, and making riders happy. Just like our shop! We are incredibly stoked to add Transition Bikes as the newest brand in our long portfolio and we plan on keeping them our shop for quite some time. Just like the pacific northwest, their bikes suite the terrain and style of riding found around here very well. The fact that their bikes are easy to work on and super reliable, well that’s just a bonus. We simply love how Transition bikes ride and so do our customers. This is why we have become experts in Transition’s bikes and why we are incredibly proud to be one of the few shops in the area that carries the Transition brand.

Simply put, Transition bikes is unlike any other brand out there, and that’s exactly why we love them.

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Have any questions? want to throw a leg over a Transition ASAP? Feel free to contact us and speak to a Transition Bikes expert.