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SPECIALIZED LEVO SL kidsThe Power To Ride More Trails

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Specialized Levo SL Kids

Unlocking Abilities For Young Riders

Levo SL Kids lets small riders take on the biggest rides through its supernatural power, modern geometry, lightweight built, and trail-proven components. This combination gives young riders the power, range, and confidence to achieve their wildest dreams on the trail. Unlock the next level of trail riding and create unforgettable experiences  while developing their skills and body mechanics.

Specialized Levo SL HT
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Specialized Levo SL Kids

Supremely Capable

The Levo SL Kids is flagship-quality on a smaller scale. Built with highly competent components and modern geometry, it’s the perfect tool to learn and progress on the trail—while staying comfortable and confident..

Supremely Capable
Supremely Capable


The same 320wh battery and motor that powers the adult’s Levo SL drives the new Levo SL Kids. The full size Levo SL, piloted by an adult, gives you up to 5 hours of range. With a much smaller rider on Levo SL Kids, the range goes up considerably. Trust us, the only juice you should be worried about running out of is the kind squeeze from a fruit.


Turbo Operating System

The Turbo OS offers more than just power and range, it also keeps track of where and how you ride, and can even help you how to get more out of your riding. It monitors motor and battery health and can receive over-the-air updates to improve performance over time.

Mission Control/MasterMind

The same sophisticated and highly adjustable system used on our full-size bikes, Mission Control, enables highly adjustable control for the Levo SL Kids.

Ride Anywhere Range

The same 320wh battery and motor that The same 320wh battery and motor that powers the adult’s Levo SL drives the new Levo SL Kids.

Kid-Friendly Fit

Every aspect of the bike has been designed to fit young riders perfectly. The bike's dropper post and low standover height boost confidence, and ensures long-term fit with a growing child. The slackened head angle and lengthened reach create more stability while short chainstays help for maximum maneuverability and responsiveness.

Kid Friendly Fit
Kid Friendly Fit

Progressive Geometry

Specialized kept the standover low for confidence, slackened the head angle and lengthened the reach for stability at speed, and made the chainstays short for maximum maneuverability and responsiveness. The result is a bike that brings full-size competence to any speed and any terrain. We wish we had one when we were kids...

Premium Componentry

Serious bikes deserve serious components. The Levo SL Kids is built to ride hard, go big, and last the distance.

Engineered to Fit a Wide Size Range of Riders

The Levo SL Kids comes in one size and is intelligently designed to deliver a performance ride for riders between 122-152cm (48-60 inches) in height, (approximately ages 6 years old and older).

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