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Local to Morgan Hill, California, Specialized Bikes have been at the fore front of bicycle innovation for over three decades. They are known to take a very holistic approach that focuses on the riding experience between both the bike and its rider. Specialized puts in countless hours of development and testing to optimize their bikes, components, accessories, and even their apparel to make your ride more enjoyable, faster, and the best it can be. 

We’ve been partnered with Specialized Bikes since the first day we opened Trail Head Cyclery in 1997, for more than 20 years we have been experts in all things Specialized. Trail Head Cyclery is one of the most prestigious Specialized dealers in northern California and our diverse knowledge and selection of their products is proof. 

Innovation Inspired By The Love For Cycling

Specialized is one of the most innovative bike companies in the industry. They work diligently to think outside of the box and create products that go beyond just fixing a common problem. Instead, Specialized has become known for pioneering new technologies, ways of designing bikes, and improving the overall experience of the rider. The brand has an impressive devotion to putting in the necessary R&D to make their products as perfect as can be and is continuously looking to what’s next or how they can further improve how you ride a bike. The company meticulously combs over the fine details while still looking at the big picture, this inherently shines when you take a closer look at any one of their products. It is in their core identity to be at the forefront of cycling innovation.

FSR Suspension Platform

"FSR suspension operates independently of both chain and braking forces. Accordingly, the system provides the benefit of being free to compress and rebound, either through a pedal stroke or while rolling over terrain features. Why is this important? Because the design increases tire contact with the ground for a greater percentage of time than with other suspension systems. Needless to say, more contact leads to more traction. And whether you're tearing down the trail or hammering up it, increased traction is inevitably followed by noticeably improved control.” - Specialized

SWAT Storage System

“SWAT compatible frames and clothing are a revolution in utility, with featured models including everything you need for on-the-fly repairs and much, much more. This new technology allows the storage of tubes, pumps, tools, and nutrition/hydration, and you won't find it anywhere else.””With a simple push and pull at the down tube's water bottle cage, you gain access to a massive amount of storage, all without compromising the integrity or ride quality of the frame. Whatever you can fit in there, you can ride with, so be creative and keep your ride essentials where you want them—off your back and on the bike.” - Specialized

Turbo Levo

Specialized designs e-Bikes that are “You, Only Faster.” And they do it with a fully integrated Specialized e-Bike Technology System. Specialized e-Bikes are incredibly smooth and powerful, have near-silent motors, premium Li-Ion batteries, and superior connectivity solutions. As Silicon Valley natives, they're passionate about marrying cutting-edge technology with creating the best possible ride experience. This is what you'll find with their Turbo Levo line.

A Bike For Any Rider On Any Budget

Specialized has a bike for any rider, and any budget. So whether you're just starting out in cycling or looking for the best value for your hard earned dollars, Specialized has amazing performing bikes to hit that value point. On the other hand, if you're looking for the best of the best, no expense spared, kind of bike, well, Specialized has you covered with that as well. And for those that are looking for the goldilocks of value, performance, and all out trail feel, well, Specialized has you covered with that too. Any rider, any budget. Specialized delivers like no other brand can.

Why Do We Carry Specialized Bikes?

When John and Lars Thomsen first founded Trail Head Cyclery, they knew they wanted to be a Specialized dealer from the start, it was an obvious choice. Specialized always has been at the forefront of cycling and a product of passion. This is something John and Lars resonated with. Specialized always has and continues to dedicate themselves to providing the best bikes and products so cyclists can get the absolute best experience out of riding their bike. This is a mission that both Specialized and Trail Head Cyclery have always shared.

After more than 20 years of being a Specialized dealer, we have built an outstanding relationship with Specialized Bikes and we look forward to many more to come. There aren’t many other bike shops out there that have such a close partnership with a brand over such a long period of time, so we take pride in being one of the most well established Specialized retailers in northern California.

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