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The Mountain Bike Brands We Represent

Over the years we’ve ridden, worked on, and sold some amazing mountain bikes. We believe we’ve refined the brands we carry to undoubtably some of the best brands in the industry. True to our shop's philosophy, we've gravitated towards some of the innovative and prestigious brands in mountain biking today and we've become experts in these brands and their bikes. Pretty much everyone at the shop has at least one bike from one of these brands and we can speak to how incredible they are on the trail. We know how these bikes ride, who they're right for, and we understand the brands themselves. That level of knowledge is hard to come by these days. Between these four brands, you'll find there's a bike for any rider or any trail in the Bay Area and beyond. 

Long story short, at Trail Head Cyclery, we passionately stand behind the brands we carry and our knowledge of these bikes is a direct reflection of that passion.

Specialized enduro at trail head cyclery

Specialized Bicycles


Dealer since 1997 - We are proud to carry, ride, and represent one of the oldest and most innovative companies in cycling. With a complete line up of brilliantly designed bikes with amazing ride characteristics, Specialized has been at the forefront of innovative bicycle technology for the past few decades. They are at the forefront of E-mtb. Our shop features Specialized kids''s bikes, gravel bikes, and commuters.

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Yeti cycles sb140 at trail head cyclery

Yeti Cycles


Dealer since 2006 - A bike company that is rooted in racing and producing bikes for riders, made by riders. Yeti has always been known to push progressive suspension designs and bikes that are made to go fast. Yeti is also synonymous  for having their own Yeti “tribe”, a community of riders bound together by their love for the Yeti brand. Some of the best riding bikes with a bike for every trail rider. 

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Ibis cycles Ripley at trail head cyclery

Ibis Cycles


Dealer since 2006 - A local and well beloved bike company. Ibis makes some phenomenal bikes that tie together efficiency, comfort, and a smile-inducing ride quality. Powered by their DW-link and an ingenious team of designers, Ibis continues to be one of the raddest bike companies around. Their latest model, the ‘Ripmo’ is proof of their evolution and dedication towards creating awesome bikes.

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transition bikes Scout at trail head cyclery

Transition Bikes


Dealer since 2015 - Transition bikes lives by the mantra of having as much fun on a bike as possible and their bikes are a direct reflection of this ethos. Transition designs their bikes around their signature SBG geometry and their supple but supportive GiddyUp 2.0 suspension. Not only are these bikes built to last, but they’re made to be a ridiculously good time to ride.

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